Sunday, 14 March 2010

The Pope’s Latest Troubles

Many of my friends in Germany are getting worked as the press publishes daily reports about cover up of sexual abuse by the Catholic Church. The great excitement is whether any dirt would stick to the Pope personally. They have already reached his brother, a regular priest, who has admitted to slapping choirboys. (Not that way) The brother denies having indulged in any spaß with the Spatzen of the renowned Regensburg choir.

Those who have read Double Cross: The Code of the Catholic Church should not have been surprised. In the conclusion to the chapter on sexual abuse, I wrote:

The unfolding of the sexual abuse culture of the Catholic Church has exposed her as dangerous institution which runs sophisticated cover-up operations to defend the criminal activities of her priests. This secret and authoritarian institution and its hierarchy have, by their conscious policy of hushing up and covering up, become accessories to sexual crimes perpetrated by their clergy.

SO, if you have not yet got the book, GO and BUY it. The easiest way is to order the book through Amazon.

If you already have the book, buy another copy and give it to a friend: The ideal present for Good Friday.


  1. תגיד ,עוד לא קבלת מכתבי איום מאיזה קתולי זועם? ש

  2. ..herrliche Formulierung, David. Trotzdem, a Sauerei bleibt's!

    Ich lese gerne Deine Texte, mag Deine Themen und Deine präzisen, treffenden Formulierungen. Also, danke!

  3. It would seem that up until circa 400 AD women were highly significent in the catholic church. This included the highest offices, Their demotion to insignificent roles may well havecreated the climate for sexual excesses.