Saturday, 27 March 2010

Does Netanyahu Have the Balls (for Peace)?

For the first time in many years the US administration is giving Israel a hard time. Even the American friends have grown tired of Israel’s lies.

Will Netanyahu seize this as his opportunity to go down in history as the man who brought peace with the Palestinians?

Nobody likes to give in to pressure, least-of-all extremists and faith-driven right-wingers. Netanyahu’s bloated right-wing cabinet and the coterie surrounding him cannot make one very optimistic. Netanyahu’s brother-in-law is on record with an accusation that Obama is an anti-Semite. Others surrounding Netanyahu say so off-the-record. Even more outrageous to them are Jews in the American administration – such as the two senior Obama advisors, David Axelrod and Rahm Emanuel - who do not toe the Israeli line. Are the two on the Mossad’s list? Perhaps for some dirt that could be fed to opponents?

Israel’s moral situation is fast deteriorating and for its own good it needs to be forced by the outside world. The alternative is frightful. Let the external force that will lead to change be the US and Europe and not war.

The Israel lobby in the US must be working overtime these days. Netanyahu will be pulling all the levers he can and calling all the favours he is able to. In the past, this has always worked and US Presidents have succumbed to the pressure.

Please, Mr President, do not falter.


  1. הנחת היסוד שלך כאילו נתניהו מבקש להגיע לשלום בטעות יסודה. זו אינה חולשתו שמונעת ותמנע כול הסדר, אלא השקפת עולמו. נוח לו להציג כאילו הוא נלחץ מהאגף הימני, אך בפועל לא כך הוא. עקוב אחרי דברים שנשא אביו, שחגג לא מכבר יום הולדת 100 ותמצא מהיכן צמחה השקפתו ולמי נתונה התחיבותו . ס

  2. Well, it really does not look well for Israel.. Netanyahu was always a tough nut to crack. I wonder, if he has enough common sense to see what he needs to do now.

  3. Hey, self-hating Jew.

    I could not agree with you more

  4. Obama or bibi? Who should we trust?

  5. David, what do you think?

  6. David
    before the balls come into play, ask yourself whether anything in Mr N's past, or psychology, suggests he really wants to go down in history as the man who brought peace with the Palestinians.

    I do not know him or Israel well enough, but all I've detected so far is a tactical politician's attachment to power and a personal inclination towards the authoritarian. Not natural bedfellows of the ''risks for peace '' school .

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  8. Enjoy reading your blog.

    Obama and his administration need help and support from Europe. Where are the Europeans seriously helping in this process? I don’t see them.

    Obama is not a superman and we have seen how vicious the media treat his performance. If only one man and one government seriously engage in forcing Israel into the right direction and to more reason, all you need is to make that one government fail..

  9. Do you really think ANY Israeli administration actually holds all the cards for a real peace with the Palestinians/Arabs? Is the other side just sitting there waiting with hands folded for Israel to decide what it wants? Hmmm...