Wednesday, 10 February 2010

Sins of the Fathers

It has recently been revealed that Bettina, Hermann Goering’s great-niece had herself sterilised so as 'not to pass on the blood of a monster'. This, I believe, is unusual. Many descendants of senior Nazis did not seem to feel uncomfortable enough about their heritage to prevent them from procreating.

Should they have?

Moreover, genetically untainted spouses were found who were not worried about this genetic input. They may even have gotten a kick out of marrying the son or daughter of a Nazi perpetrator.


  1. "Sins of the Fathers" is a rather odd entry.

    Since when is "National Socialism", colloquially known as Naziism, something transported in the genes?

    There is no scientific indication that Nazis were themselves racially inferior or genetically deficient, even if they held others (such as Jews, Gypsies or Homosexuals) to be just that.

    The Nazis were the scum of the earth - no more, no less!