Wednesday, 3 February 2010

Berlusconi and Israel

I have just received the following email:

Hi David,
Why does Israel, why do Israeli politicians get on with a major crook like Berlusca so well? “He’s our best friend”… Huh???

I remember a similar situation when in June 1974, less than two months before he was forced to resign, President Nixon - a pariah in his own country - visited Israel. It was the first time ever that an American President had made a visit to Israel.

Beggars can’t be choosers.

However, if there is a chance that Israel might listen to Iran-condemning, Jewish-People-hugging Berlusconi then I don’t care about the rest: Berlusconi has suggested to Israel that she ought to give up the Golan and go for peace with Syria and that Israel’s Settlements in the Occupied Territories are an impediment to peace.

Sadly, Israeli politicians are more likely to take Berlusconi’s advice on media control, the joys of power and wealth and perhaps even the advantages of dying one’s hair than give up land for peace.


  1. I am pleased to hear that Berlusconi is a friend of Israel. May be he needs the support of the Jewish community in Italy or he is simply pursuing his media interests. ... perhaps there is some solidarity even among sharks.

  2. Who wants to be hugged by someone one cannot trust… There must be a business angle to this ‘affair’ between Berlusconi and Israel.

  3. If Israel is still a “beggar”, it should work on getting out of that role as quickly as possible. Giving up all settlements in the occupied territories and moving out of them would be the right step. If that would then not be appreciated by the enemy, and Israel would have to react, it could conquer the whole area, incorporating the ex-occupied territories into a larger Israel, and would not stand alone in the process. A treaty signed by all parties and the big powers, who would create a buffer zone along the frontiers for the first 10 years with international troops, could ensure the last point. And should the enemy grasp this golden opportunity, there would be peace.