Sunday, 6 November 2016

On making the right decisions

Some years ago, I spoke to an elderly German couple, who admitted to have voted for Hitler when he first came to power. They explained: “you cannot imagine how dangerous the Communists were, at the time.”

So much for making the right decisions.


  1. I will be up early on Wednesday, hoping that Herr Trumpf is soundly thrashed.

    I personally believe that the 1930s Stalinists were no better than Adolf's thugs. What was missing was a sensible centrist party.

    But that is a long story.

  2. There was a sensible centrist party, called "Zentrum".
    But nobody wanted them anymore.

    Besides, despite all their evil, I am not aware that Stalinists built concentration camps for the purpose of comitting genocide, racially motivated, industrially executed genocide.