Wednesday, 9 November 2016


On the tube from London City airport, I saw the light: Whatever the large loud woman had to say to her family was heard by the whole carriage. The family: this woman and her partner who seemed rather young to be the father of her four children aged seven to seventeen. On her lap, she held a small suitcase, out of which a regular flow of junk food was fed to those of her brood who demanded it. Just in case, the drip fed children did not get it, they were told “luv you” from time to time. It was mesmerising and it gave me the solution: It is not about nationality or religion; it is all about class. It is probably difficult to find the politically correct language and sadly undoable but this division would make most of us more comfortable.

And talking of class rather than any preconceived ideas about race:

So, How about a separate continent for the world's foreigner-hating right-wingers ? Preferably a far-far-far-away one.


  1. Enjoy as always your blog.

  2. Good idea! What about another planet? Mars? Der trägt den Namen des alten Kriegsgotts. Säbelrasseln, rauchende Colts und Countrymusic und Marschmusik als Köder? Einzige Einreisebedingung: 100kg+ Körpergewicht. ("Fat Shuttle to Mars" :o)

  3. Qoute of the day: The world is not enough