Wednesday, 16 November 2016

A visit to the in-laws

I don’t know what it is like with the upper class and the rich, but in our lower classes, there comes a point, when a dating couple that is seriously thinking about getting married, arranges for the parents to meet. The etiquette is that for that important first meeting, say at the boy’s parents’ house, the girl’s family will bring a box of fancy chocolates, the famous “bonnboniere”. Both families will mentally prepare safe subjects for conversation, such as holiday and trip destinations or the joys of barbecuing and the women might want to show off their macramé skills.

With Trump’s election, we are also learning about his family and it turns out that his daughter has married an orthodox Jew, whose father had received a two-year jail sentence for illegal campaign contributions, tax evasion and witness tampering. The witness tampering, he pleaded guilty to, was hiring a prostitute for ¢10,000 to seduce his sister’s husband. A hidden camera recorded the activity, and the lurid tape was sent to his sister, to arrive on the day of a family party.

So the Trumps and the Kushners are what in yiddish they call “machatunim”, that is in-laws.  And I am wondering about that first meeting, when the Trumps first came to the Kushners or was it the other way round. What the women will have spoken about I have no idea -  Melania (or was it Ivana?) Trump is somehow not the macramé type. But I can well imagine, the conversation between the p***y grabber and the pr*******te hirer.


  1. Jews in the Trump family!? He is full of surprises.

  2. Kushner Sen.:
    A lovely story!
    Apparently Kushner Sen had misgivings about his sister's husband turning him in for tax evasion.
    And we live in a small world indeed: The designated Chief of Staff in Trump's administration was to have been that same director of prosecution who had propelled old Kushner into jail. Not surprisingly Kushner Jr. found this objectionable and Trump changed the appointment. Now it is Priebus.
    There are some genuine, red blooded human beings at work here. I do wonder what they'll be up to during the next four years.