Thursday, 29 September 2016

Peres I – Really ?

The whole world seems to be coming to Peres’ funeral. One should bear in mind that much of the world’s love for Peres is due to the justifiable hatred of and disgust by Bibi.

Peres described himself as a man of peace and this is also how he is seen outside Israel. This is somewhat simplistic. He was above all a brilliant operator, mainly in the defence and security realm. Ben Gurion, in his wisdom, recognised Peres’ abilities and made him director general of the country’s ministry of defence at a young age of 29. Ever since and throughout his long career, Peres had his finger in every one of Israel’s defence pies, for good and for bad.

He became a “peace camp” politician rather late in the day. Indeed, the man, who tried to conclude a peace treaty with the Palestinians, was one of the first enablers of Israel’s illegal settlements in the areas it occupied during the 1967 Six Day War. He too, like many other labour party politicians, was land greedy.

Therefore, if you must read them - the eulogies - don’t just take them at face value.


  1. תהיה שנה קצת עצובה בלעדיו...

  2. I share your opinion regarding his personality and activities. Moreover, I will not forget and forgive his main role in the establishment of Jewish settlements in the West Bank.

  3. Peres appreciated what it took to be a leader in time of war as well as in time of peace. He well understood that one needs to stand firm and fight if required in order just to bring about prospects for peace. If ever Israel is ever in a position to take a chance for peace, it is because of the strength given to it by men like Peres. If ever the Palestinians are able understand that they should be talking at the peace table rather than at every other table, it will be because they see Israel as indestructible.

    Whichever way round, it is not for nothing that strong men bring peace. Peres was one of those men. I suspect he saw the Settlement policy as just one more way to bring the Palestinians to the peace table. Talk to us now about peace, or your land will slowly disappear as did all the other bits from 1948 to now. It seems he overestimated the Palestinians.