Friday, 24 June 2016

Cameron and Johnson - you both stink

I have been getting emails all day, asking me what I think. That question is easy to answer: I think that it stinks. But I would also have said that had the result kept the UK in the EU. It is not the result that stinks but the process leading to the result.

What stinks are the Camerons and the Boris Johnsons of this world, politicians who criminally lie, who criminally mislead, who criminally spread fear and incite hatred.

What stinks are rich boys whose notion of progress is moving from competitive and aggressive games on the playing fields of Eton, to outrageous drunken vandalism and bullying as members of the infamous Bullingdon Club in Oxford, to finally f***ing up their whole country, which to them is evidently just another playing field. After totally breaking up a pub or a restaurant, members of the Bullingdon Club would immediately pay up, thousands and tens of thousands of pounds for the damages in full (with daddy’s money, of course). Breaking up Europe is more expensive than Cameron’s father or Boris Johnson’s father are able to pay for.

We - be it in the UK, or Israel, the US, France, Germany or any other country - should stop falling for these fear-provoking tactics. Once politicians learn that negative campaigning, bad mouthing the other and spreading fear do not win elections, they will try to win our confidence and our votes by offering positive plans. (This will still not vouch for truthfulness, a quality seemingly rare in politicians.)


  1. when you right, you are right!

  2. Hier haben wir es mit einem Fall zu tun, wo der Fisch nicht nur vom Kopf her stinkt.

    Unverantwortlich gehandelt haben nicht nur die Politiker, die Hass geschürt und sich nicht vor Lügen gescheut haben, sondern in erster Linie die BREXIT-Wähler. Wie kann man in einer für die Zukunft des Landes, der Kinder und Enkelkinder so entscheidenden Frage abstimmen, ohne sich zuvor intensiv mit den Konsequenzen auseinandergesetzt zu haben? Ich habe mich in den letzten Tagen in London überzeugen können, dass es an Informationsmaterial und warnenden Stimmen nicht gefehlt hat.

    Eine Demokratie kann nicht funktionieren, wenn der Wähler seinen Verstand ausschaltet und sich primär von Emotionen und Versprechungen leiten lässt. Verantwortungslose Politiker werden im übrigen nicht nur im UK sondern leider auch auf dem Kontinent ohne vergleichbare "Spielwiesen" ausgebrütet.

    Wirst Du demnächst nach Schottland umziehen?

  3. Dear David,
    I agree totally - and am still in 'Schockstarre'.
    Whats going to happen in Scotland and Northern Ireland - in the rest of the EU?

  4. Was wird nun werden ?....Deinen Blog verfolge ich mit großem Interesse, ....... Sehr mutig .......

  5. כמי שלא מצוי בפוליטיקה הבריטית, האם תוכל להרחיב מעט ולהסביר למה התכוונת "it stinks".
    מה היה שם?
    ואני חשבתי שרק אצלנו זה כה מזוהם.

  6. I wish you would give the British electorate a bit more credit for the democratic utterance of their free will. They didn't want to to destroy any structures, they just wanted to get out of them. The sentiment would, by some accounts, be much the same in France, the Netherlands, Italy and other countries, none of which are under the influence of Cameron or Johnson.
    It is not the electorate which has to think again. Rather it is the policy makers of the EU who have to think about their democratic legitimacy. They have distanced themselves very far from the people they are supposed to represent.

  7. Dear David:

    I seldom agree with your political views.
    This time, “It stinks”, you hit a bulls eye.
    (even a broken clock is on time twice a day)

  8. Ich habe Dich gelesen, würde aber andere Vokabeln benutzen für das, was grade passiert. Obwohl?

  9. Support for the Proposed referendum on United Kingdom membership of the European Union is the result of political neglect at a high level, accompanied by dangerous demagoguery.

  10. I have been (re)reading your blogs of May and June and want to tell you I am glad someone still has his principles, his heart and his mind in the right place, that someone being you!

  11. Wie Recht Du hast – man sollte derartige weitreichende ( und „komplizierte“ ( vielleicht sogar undurchschaubare ) Sachverhalte betreffende ) Wahlen gar nicht abhalten ( zumindest im Moment nicht ).

    PS: Schottland für sich allein ist sicher herzlich willkommen in der EU – „schönes“ Chaos mit dem besonders C. und auch J. dann in die Geschichtsbücher ihres(?) Landes eingehen können!

  12. A succinct review. Interesting about the Bullingdon Club. I had believed, that that sort of club died out in the late 18th/early 19th century.

    My best guess is that the remainers manage to fiddle an election early autumn which is won decisivly by pro EU candidates who then reject the referendum. Perhaps the Liberal Party reappears as Labour disembowels itself and Tories split into leavers and coalition partners for the Liberals. ??? Or an entirely new group (KGB = "KEEP GREAT ! BRITAIN")