Wednesday, 15 April 2015


A day after I booked my flight with German Wings to Berlin, one of their pilots decided to kill all his passengers on his personal suicide trip. I decided that German Wings were unlikely to have more of the same and bravely kept my booking.

As I boarded the flight, I found the following on my seat and wondered:


Expenses on the first day:  Uber taxi to Heathrow - £37; a full month’s Berlin public transport travel card - £41.


The architect who built this house in Schöneberg wanted something soothing and pleasant to the eye:

However, Germans are truly anal about their garbage. It is all  Abfalltrennung, that is separation of garbage, and this is what the originally beautiful courtyard looks like now:


  1. - ich rede ja immer von "ganzheitlicher Müllentsorgung" - aber das will irgendwie niemand hören... .

    Machen die in den französischen Alpen denn auch "Abfalltrennung"?

  2. Das Problem nicht nur der Berliner Hinterhöfe ist weniger die Mülltrennung als die Menge an Müll, die ein jeder von uns produziert. 3 oder 4 große Container sehen auch nicht schöner aus als ein Dutzend kleiner.