Monday, 23 February 2015

Don't Envy the Israeli Ambassador

The Israeli ambassador to Germany in an interview to a German paper has today said that he “does not envy those Jews who live in Europe these days.” Well, I don't envy the Israeli ambassador. 

He is right to empathise – the poor Jews in Europe, out of loyalty to the Jewish state, continue to defend Israeli occupation and settlement policies, even when they think otherwise. They love Israel because it is the Jewish state, despite the fact that it has become an apartheid state, and that it is run by a corrupt clique. They love Israel because they are afraid of the moment they will no longer love it. And so, they look the other way and try to find justification for the unjustifiable.

The Israeli ambassador is right -  one cannot envy the European Jews, whose leaders sound as if they are Israeli government spokesmen.

The Israeli ambassador is right – Diaspora Jews must break free. They can love the idea of a Jewish state, they can love the fact that when they are in Israel, they are surrounded by fellow Jews, whilst standing up and openly making a stand against the land-grab and the occupation and control of millions of Palestinians by Israel.

By the way, the propaganda line led by Israel’s prime minister and echoed by his ambassador to Germany, that European Jews should flee to Israel for their security sounds like a bad joke. He cannot possibly suggest that they are safer in Israel, unless of course part of the deal on offer is privileged space for all newcomers in the high-tech nuclear bunker reserved for Israel’s ruling elite.   

I don't envy the Israeli ambassador. 


  1. hi david
    you can't ignore the antisemitism in can walking in the streets of London , no problem you are 'save' . try to do it with 'kipa' ... nothing to do with the terrible israely's policy..

  2. hi david
    you can't ignore the antisemitism in can walking in the streets of London , no problem you are 'save' . try to do it with 'kipa' ... nothing to do with the terrible israely's policy..

  3. Excellent! Du hast Dich selbst übertroffen...
    I'm going to send this to a new Israeli friend in Jerusalem. His family came from Morocco and served the King for a long time. He was defending the Israeli occupation policies like a lion this summer and I couldn't get over the feeling that he didn't really believe what he was saying, but had to play the role, adding an extreme note to observe my reactions...

  4. And here was me looking forward to your farewell party.

  5. Wow! Klare Worte, die sich besser in Englisch lesen lassen als in Deutsch, fürchte ich. Dank und Herzliche Grüsse

  6. Like you too much to comment on the blog. But it seems that the way of exaggeration works both for the ambassador, Lapid, and Ranan.

  7. Here we go again:

    Jews never say what they think and they don`t think what they say.
    Jews are notoriously corrupt.
    They run an apartheid state, discriminating wherever they can against other races and religions.
    Whatever they do is inately unjustifiable.
    For reasons of their own they always look the other way. Deviousness is their hallmark.
    Jews continue in their dismal desire to control the rest of the world, or - failing that - at least hundreds of millions of Palestians.

    I fear, our much esteemed blogger may have managed to add another one to his many sins: That of plagiarism.
    At least I seem to have read sentiments like that before, namely in a facsimile of an influential periodical called "Der Stürmer". The contributor at the time was either one Alfred Rosenberg or one Joseph Goebbels, I don`t remember exactly which, but both were intellectuals and learned men.

    Our much esteemed blogger is treading in increasingly muddy waters.