Thursday, 23 August 2012

Prince Harry's (Not so) Secret Balls

Princes have always behaved like that, only that nowadays, modern media enable us all to participate voyeuristically. If one of the functions of the royal family is to act as role models, then Prince Harry may not be so far off the mark: Do we really think that it is wrong for an unmarried young man to party as Harry does? Do we just have a problem because he is the third in line to the British throne? Or are we just jealous? Don’t we all (well, perhaps, not all) crave to frolic around and enjoy ourselves in wild parties?

It has been reported that lawyers acting for the Prince of Wales have warned the British press not to publish the photos of his naked son, photos that are circulating all over the internet showing Prince Harry partying in Las Vegas. 

Prince Charles, an adulterer who was incapable of disciplining himself, who like his father is on record with his own stupid behaviour, has failed in disciplining his son. He now tries to bully the press: pathetic. 


  1. Party on, just why wasn't I invited???

  2. I thought that the reason for the British press not to publish the photos has more to do with the recent Leveson inquiry than a request from Prince Charles?

  3. You'd be pleased to hear that I stayed at the same hotel (MGM)...a year ago. Speaking of the right timing :(

  4. Was hättest Du als unbescholtener Vater in diesem Fall unternommen? Soll der englische Steuerzahler in der Zeitung lesen können, was sein vermutlich nicht von ihm gezeugter Sohn mit der Apanage aus englischen Steuermitteln anstellt?

    Erschwerend kommt hinzu, dass die Gespielin hinter Harry's Rücken kaum erkennbar ist und der Betrachter des Fotos daher kaum beurteilen kann, ob die Nummer 3 der Thronfolge zumindest bei seiner Damenwahl einen guten Geschmack besitzt.

    Die Pressefreiheit ist ein hehres Gut, doch muss es auch für sie Grenzen geben.

  5. Dear David, thank you for your blog - I think the whole royal mischpoke is just bullshit.... anyway, they can do what they want, but should not be paid by the 'Volk'...:))

  6. Is it really Harry?

    If the party was so exciting , why go to the trouble of :

    obviously posing for the picture

    just showing a profile

    Also , the possibly female person behind "Harry" is strangely still wearing knickers and seems reluctant to be identified -- not 100 % believable to me.

    Whatever the answers to the above, if it is Harry, I find his wearing a necklace more disturbing than his enjoying some female company.