Thursday, 20 October 2011

Send the Former IDF Chief Rabbi to jail.

The man has already earned his place in hell but before that he should go to jail.

In reaction to the prisoner swap in which jailed Palestinian murderers were exchanged to free Gilad Shalit, Rontzki, the former chief rabbi of the Israeli armed forces has said that Israeli soldiers should “kill terrorists in their beds”. This would make such people, who according to this revered rabbi “should just be shot, exterminated”, unavailable for future prisoner swaps. “A lot of cases shouldn’t reach court”, instead this religious moral authority explained that the army should rely on the “wisdom of commanders and fighters.”

Had an Arab called for such action against Israelis, Israel would have him in jail for incitement. Israel seems to have different rules when it comes to Jewish terrorists. They are allowed to roam the country, spread hatred and attack Arabs. The Israeli security service – so successful when it comes to finding Palestinian terrorists – finds it very difficult to find perpetrators of Jewish hate crimes against Arabs.

Brigadier General (Res) Rabbi Avihai Rontzki – is a shame to the Jewish people and a disgrace to the State of Israel - save us from any more of his disgusting hatred spewing mouth.


  1. If Rabbi is a semi-unofficial title , how does one become a Chief Rabbi ? Is he self appointed ?

  2. While the phrasing: "shoot in bed" is indeed a disgrace which warrents jail.... one should not so quickly disregard the logical conclusion he is making: Israel should kill terrorists instead of capturing them....


  3. it might be good for him to be on the front line of the next Israeli commando raid - anywhere

  4. Thinking about the newest petition of the radicals concerning segregation in buses or at cash registers- this infamous chief rabbi is not alone... Where ist Rosa Parks? Kerstin