Thursday, 23 June 2011

Other People on My Plane

Flights to and from Israel are very often a nightmare. Too many ultra-orthodox with too many babies: The babies are constantly crying whilst their fathers are busy taking over the aisles for communal prayers.

Even the non-orthodox seem to constantly move about. Why can’t they remain in their seats during flights?

The man who sat next to me last week, was not orthodox, nor did he have any babies but he chose to fly to London in his polyester pants and a neon green sleeveless vest. Flying in beachwear seems to have become fashionable. A few days later, at Heathrow in London, I saw a man board a flight to Amsterdam in similar attire.

Should there not be some protocol for those entering public space, be it a restaurant or an airplane? Are we not entitled to fly or eat without others imposing their bodies, smells or noises on us?


  1. The simple answer is NO.

    If you wish to eat in a restaurant where a black tie is mandatory, your are most welcome. Precisely because it is NOT a public space but a privet one. Imposing a dress code on other in PUBLIC places (airplanes for instance) resembles the practice of ultra-orthodox (Muslims, Jews and probably others).

    Some reasonable minimal requirement should be imposed but I doubt you could find a good enough (scientific) criteria for smell...

    I am far from being a fan of the ultra-orthodox but i think with the babies you are way off. You could say its my new statues, but what is it EXACTLY that you are accusing them of? Having too many babies? Wanting to travel with them? Or maybe it is the fact that they extend the time you not in a jewfree environment?

    Flying coach is hard, we are both too tall (I think that you are taller) and it is not fun at all. But it is a choice. If you choose to fly to Israel and are so annoyed, I suggest business no first class, I hear the air there is really fresh.


    I fly with ear plugs. Used to borrow them from the IDF, nowadays I buy them.

  2. Always fun to read your blog. Love the joke about El Al. Agree with all your gripes re people and their inconsiderate use of one's airspace.

  3. smells are mostly the major problem when sitting next to one of these partially polyester-wrapped neo-white-trash-hipsters ...

  4. Why draw the line at one's attire, let's ban the obese and ugly whilst we are at it!!

  5. If you are neither comfortable with properly dressed orthodox Jews nor with air-passengers in beachware you will have to fly first class.

    What we have to learn in our advanced age is more tolerance. Although I would greatly miss your critical comments.