Monday, 13 September 2010

Was Marx Right?

Florida Pastor Terry Jones repeatedly told journalists that he was willing to meet the Iman [sic]. In response to the question whether he thought that Jesus Christ would have told him to burn the Qur’an, Jones confirmed: “Absolutely, I think, Jesus would not run around burning books but I think he would burn this one.” The Imam did not want to meet Pastor Jones who had flown to New York especially.

An American Christian preacher held the world to ransom and in the name of freedom of religion - of which the USA is so proud - they were all shitting in their pants. The American President - aware of the fact that one out every five Americans believed him to be a clandestine Muslim –tread on eggs instead of sending his FBI to stop this farce. The world’s media went along for the ride or better said, they were the producers of this show.

Could anyone but the devil have invented religion?


  1. Of course Marx was right! religions are das Opium des Volks! Unfortunately, there are also many other forms of it.

  2. habe wieder einmal mit großem Vergnügen Deinen Kommentar zu dem absurden US Theater gelesen. Du triffst halt meist ins Schwarze, so auch dieses Mal. Freue mich immer auf Deine Bloggs.