Tuesday, 8 September 2009


This is a rough translation of a conversation I recently overheard in a German restaurant:

A: 65-ish year-old man, retired colonel (German army).

B: 30-ish year-old German

A: don’t talk to me about the holocaust. I’ve heard enough about it; especially with everything the Jews are doing to the Palestinians.

B: I don’t see the connection.

A: What don’t you see? Look at them. Look at Bubis. All his money. He owns the whole of Frankfurt. Where did he get the money?

B: Isn’t that somewhat superficial?

A: the fact is that Jews now own everything in Frankfurt.


  1. I feel I've heard this conversation many times before.

  2. The conversation you overheard in a German restaurant is typical. It is a pretty stupid one. I can understand, however, young Germans who are sick to death of hearing about the Holocaust and about the Israel government being permitted monstrous behavior that in the case of any other government, including China, is loudly criticized.

  3. Thankfully your colonel has retired.

  4. You seem to go to the wrong restaurants. Wrong people and uninspired cooking that you can overhear other peoples' discussions. Who still remembers Bubis?

  5. Useless conversation. Stupid 30 years old men you can find everywhere.

  6. Good to know that anti-semitism is alive & well in Germany.

  7. To the first "Anonymous".

    I don't even know where to start.

    China? China!? every year in China more than 5000 people are being executed (mind you, these are official numbers, who knows what are the real numbers). How many UN resolutions do you see against chinese human rights violations?

    For more than 50 years China occupies Tibet continually, applying both genocide techniques and culture-cide techniques. How many countries in the European union propose to boycott China?

    This is of course without comparing the number of missiles, rockets, suicide bombs and armed attacks on civilians that are preformed by Tibetians and glorified by the Dalai Lama. (Oops, being too sarcastic here).

    I won't even mention Iran's human right policy, Holocaust blunt straightforward denial or application or reasonable force against its own unarmed protesting citizens.

    "young Germans who are sick to death of hearing about the Holocaust and about the Israel government being permitted monstrous behavior" - I must say that this comparison makes me sick. To be more precise, it makes me sick to hear someone justifying the lack of importance or the lack of relevance young Germans may or may not feel towards the Holocaust. But this is nothing compared to the placement of the Holocaust and Israel's actions in the same sentence. This proximity can only be explained by one of the following reasons:
    1. Complete misconception regarding the Holocaust.
    2. Total hypocrisy.
    3. Deep stupidity.
    (options are not mutually exclusive)

    David: Hope I was not too blunt.


  8. Elad,

    It is not too blunt. Keep your comments coming.

    I agree with your point about the world's hypocrisy. This case, however, is about anti-Semitism; not misconceptions or stupidity. This does not mean that Israel does not deserve much of the criticism it gets.