Tuesday, 21 July 2009

Tour de France

Steve, my personal trainer, told me that he would only read my blog if I would write about the Tour de France. As eager as I am to widen my readership - what can I say about the Tour de France?

I have now read up on it and have learned that the route is 3500 km. long, that some 200 cyclists participate and that millions (I cannot really believe that) line the route to watch the cyclists.

I also know that drugs and doping are rife and have always been used by participants.

I can understand the attraction of drugs but what I don't understand is the attraction of sitting on an uncomfortable saddle and cycling up and down French mountains. Why don’t they just do the drugs without the cycling? 


  1. Unexpected subject matter - very enjoyable.

  2. Why do they sit in a saddle feeding on drugs to drive up the French mountains?

    I`m sure you knew the answer all along: There`s lots of money in it!
    What does this prove? People will do almost anything for money, including self-mutilation.

  3. Personal ego may be an even stronger motivator for such sportsmen than the money. This, of course, is not the case with regard to the organisers.