Tuesday, 26 May 2009

The Nazis, their admirers and their heirs

A story:

The ashes of K, who died last month, are being interred in the private chapel of the son of one of Hitler’s top men.

It seems that not even losing the war had tempered K’s admiration for at least some of what the Third Reich stood for. The top Nazis were gone and could no longer be befriended. Instead, K befriended the son of a senior official of the Third Reich. Not having any children of his own, K is said to have left his property and entire estate to the Nazi’s son.

Was the Nazi’s son, whose father was hanged after the Nuremberg trials, grateful for a father figure? Or was it a purely financial affair?

It could be a lucrative line of business for that generation.


  1. it depends. what do we know about K?

  2. Good question. Haven't seen any obituaries.